COVID-19 Viral Solutions

Mapping viral symptoms for COVID-19 and potential future pandemics

Working to create an early warning phone-app to provide accurate Covid-19 reports to healthcare providers in order to elicit strategic responses by medical professionals and organize appropriate responses in the community such as distribution of test-kits

STEP 1 Watch & Share the Viral Solution Video

STEP 2 Donate to fund our Team & App Developers

Donor Count: 4 Total Amount: $92.20 Date: 4/30/2020

The collective viral fund is to pool our money in order to pay people to develop the solution we need.

Everyone that contributes will be given the power to propose plans and vote on plans for how to spend the money.

Donation Suggestion Tier
Bronze -----------------> $25
Silver Professional ---> $100+
Gold Angel Donor ----> $1000+

STEP 3 Look at what we need! And invite your network to join!

During our early stages of development, we are currently looking for people with specific skills set to join our team now. Available roles include:

  • Web tool/App developers

  • Grant writers

  • Project Managers

STEP 4 Join a team & the mailing list! Or give us feedback!

**At this time, we are not creating teams or recruiting anyone. We have handed this project over to If you would like to take the lead on this project, please fill out this form and we can connect you to the right people!**

Transcending nationality, company affiliation & profit motive to solve this crisis

We are all part of one human family

Take care everyone!